I’m going back to Qatar on Sunday!

I can’t believe it. This vacation seemed to be going along at an almost slow pace (in a GREAT way) and all of a sudden—we’re leaving.

It’s crazy.

For the past couple of weeks, Neo, Suijin, and I have been having really long discussions about the future. For a while, not even going back was a real possibility for my little sis and me. (Neo already made the decision to head back to Qatar from the start).

We both feel like we could truly make California our home. It’s absolutely beautiful, we have family, and it’s an active and multicultural environment where we can feel we belong. The glaring problem in all of this was the fact that we came here with the intention of only checking the state out to see if we liked it, and that came in second to us just wanting a good vacation.

It’s admittedly a very large decision to suddenly try to stay longer and go from “vacation mode” to “let’s actually live here, maybe even permanently”. It doesn’t help that we had planned to leave on October 27th from the minute we hopped on the first airplane out of Doha.

Sticking around California for a couple more months at least is perfectly feasible, if we think about it. However, there’s quite a lot to do and we don’t have all the means necessary to do it as quickly and efficiently as needed. (No driver’s licenses, no car—and that’s just for starters. My uncle works full time and we live in the suburbs where there’s little in the way of cheap public transportation).

So, for now, we’re heading back to Qatar. I miss my parents so badly it kind of hurts. So it’s good to go back to the comfort of being by their side once more before we plan our next big step.

Besides, we’re third culture kids…our lives are one big decision after another. We got this.