Quite a Tiny but Potent Rant


I didn’t mean to be gone for three bloody months. I didn’t even think it was possible that three months could go by this fast.

That’s a lie. Days have been speeding by like a cheetah on crack.

(I hope no one ever actually gave a cheetah crack. That’s cruel. Don’t do that).

And now this is stuck in my head. I’m not complaining.

Anyways, this year sucked so hard. So. Hard. Not personally. Personally it was all right. Got a job in July (freaking finally) and it’s been going well. But world-wise everything is stupid and unfair and awful and I want every person with too much power and a shriveled conscience to experience severely debilitating pain that could never be cured or even relieved.

How I feel right now. Source

How I feel right now.