I Have Words!

I wrote this over the last few days, and it took a while for me to feel okay with it. Although the “war” is over…for now…I still feel like it’s relevant enough. I need to say it, and so here I am:

You know, I never thought a platform where you had to condense your thoughts into a mere 140 characters could worm its way into my heart the way Twitter has. (I can be a rather verbose individual). But set up a spot in my heart it did, and it’s one of my very favorite time-killers–even though I don’t tweet much myself. There are tons of hilarious, poignant, and freakishly intelligent people out there, and it fascinates me to be open to their thoughts the way I am.

On a much more sobering note, I also treasure Twitter for the folks, both professional and amateur, who give up-to-the-minute reports about the crap happening around the world. (For example, I often know about car bombs and assassinations in Lebanon before the news has a chance to get its pants on).

These days, to no one’s surprise, it’s Palestine that’s on everybody’s minds.

Everywhere I look, I see the articles, the analyses, the casualties, the photos (lord, the photos…), and I stay up-to-date because I feel like I owe at least that much to a people who have known nothing but oppression and death for sixty years.

And, in turn, it’s slowly killing me. Why?

Because I have words. I have so. Many. Words. The more I read, the more I feel like I want to speak, to scream and yell to someone–anyone. But none of my words are good enough. They don’t fit in a status update. They don’t fit in 140 freaking characters. They won’t even fit on the infinite space that is a blog. They build up in my brain, cracking my skull, bulging behind my eyeballs, pushing at my teeth and twisting my tongue. And I can’t make them stop.

There are all the words and none of the words, and my chest is going to explode from it all.

So instead of keeping the sadness and rage inside, and instead of spilling it all over my blog in an explosive projectile puking of frustrated fury…I’ve decided to try do something about it in the best way I can right now. I can’t live my charmed life in silence as, not too far away, men and women are digging their children’s bodies out from under the rubble of what was once their home.

I realize that nothing I say hasn’t already been said by people far more eloquent and knowledgeable than I can be right now. So instead of knocking down the dam in my head, and falling short of my own expectations, I’m going to speak through the minds and tongues of people far better at tackling Palestine than I’d ever be.

So without further ado:

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Dr. Mads Gilbert
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You can donate to humanitarian aid organizations. Learn about the BDS Movement.

People all over the world, from all backgrounds, religions, nationalities, and walks of life are speaking up. People are finally, it seems, saying something that Palestinians have been screaming (mostly into the void) for decades. Listen. Understand. Know that what’s going on is Israel is not as black and white as things may seem. The more we know, the more we can help.

At the time of this writing, I’ve read that Hamas and Israel have reached a truce where Israel has agreed to some of the concessions that Hamas demanded. This quote perfectly describes the farcical foundation of the entire massacre:

Now (like I mentioned a few days ago) comes the part where Israel tries to argue that it just killed 2100 Palestinians for some reason other than that it felt like killing 2100 Palestinians:

“Ofir Gendelman, the Israeli prime minister’s spokesman for the Arab world, said operations in Gaza were a victory for Israel. “Hamas gave in and accepted the same Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire it rejected until now. The reason for the change… airstrikes,” he said.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev told Al Jazeera, if Hamas had accepted the July 15 ceasefire agreement “the bloodshed could have been avoided.””

Here’s the thing: Israel just made a whole bunch of concessions to Gaza that it was clearly not willing to make before Operation Protective Edge began, so the idea that this is an Israeli “victory” is, let’s say, debatable. It’s less “debatable,” and more “ridiculous lie,” for Israel to claim that Hamas has been the only side rejecting the Egyptian proposal all this time, given that Israel showed absolutely no inclination until now to agree to any of the terms in this deal. And the thing about the July 15 ceasefire offer is equally BS; if Israel had offered an easing of the blockade and enlargement of the fishing zone, and had not openly opposed the Palestinian unity government in the first place, then there likely wouldn’t have been a July 15 ceasefire offer because there wouldn’t have been any fighting in the first place. There’s always the fact that the tunnels were destroyed, I guess. That’s surely worth 500 or so dead Palestinian children.

Source: Derek Davison – And That’s The Way It Was

We must make sure this never, ever happens again.