Israel: The Bullied Schoolboy. Heh.

I saw this video on a forum where everyone was praising how “accurate” and “spot-on” it was in describing the relationship between Gaza and Israel.

Anyone with the tiniest shred of intelligence and/or critical thinking skills would see how bloody simplistic and just plain wrong it is. Analyzing it would take ages because of its sheer success in not making a single correct point.

Usually, when I see propaganda as blatant as this, I’d get angry…but this genuinely made me laugh. And when I see people believing it and praising it, I laugh even harder.

If the situation was really this simple, why the hell do we have all these Middle East “experts” and “analysts” and “historians”? Seriously. Whoever made this video, and those who distributed it, are either missing a significant amount of brain matter themselves, or think people in general do.

And, latter-wise, they may be right.