Dear Lebanon (A Must-Watch!)

This is something I think every Lebanese (and even non-Lebanese) should see. These are eight Lebanese teenagers, from different sects and backgrounds, all coming together with the passion for change. They’re eloquent, intelligent and unwilling to be another statistic in a broken country. (Found first on Gino’s blog, who wrote a full post that’s definitely worth reading!)

It’s a little over thirty minutes, but you should watch it all. You won’t regret it.

There may just be some hope for Lebanon after all.


Language is a Funny Thing

Here’s something people may find amusing about Arabic.

Consider this request: “Mama, help me find the remote control.”

To almost anyone, it sounds like the child is asking the mom for assistance. And? You wouldn’t usually be wrong.

But, in this case, it’s the exact opposite. The mother’s actually talking to her child, using “mama” as an alternative to the kid’s name or any other call for attention.

No kidding.

For a reason I have yet to discover, it’s common for moms to call their kids “mom” or “mama” and a dad to call his kid, “baba”. (Gender of the child doesn’t matter). Even aunts, uncles and grandparents do the same thing—and it’s very much a sign of affection. 

“Hi Amo, how are you? I’ve missed you!” An uncle living in a different time zone would tell a niece or nephew during a phone call.

“Yii, Sitto, why haven’t you eaten anything?” A concerned grandmother would say to her over-stuffed grandchild.

It’s so common that you never really think about it until it randomly dawns on you that you regularly respond to your mom when she calls you “mama”. 

But it does make you wonder…are there other languages out there that do the same thing? And which ones are they?

Tromps In, Slightly Disheveled

Man…I did not plan to leave this unattended for this long.

I’m sorry about that, people. But it’s nothing new, considering my history with writing here, eh?

I haven’t had much to say that would fit into this blog right now. I’m in a transitory stage where I’m trying to find a job, and figure out how to “stabilize” my life. (TCK’s and stability don’t seem to go hand-in-hand all that smoothly). It kind of sucks—a lot, to be honest—but it’s an experience. I think that’s why I’m not thinking about more serious or personal topics for this blog at the moment. I have enough of it going on that I kind of don’t want to think about it more than I have to.

I’m hoping everyone’s doing well! I miss being here…I feel like a neglectful parent. *Pats blog on the head apologetically* I plan to come up with a decent post as soon as I think of one.