Anti-Feminism Kind of Confuses Me

I don’t think I quite understand anti-feminism websites, which are apparently more popular than I ever thought they would be.

I can, of course, comprehend choosing not to identify as a feminist—because we all have a choice. I firmly believe you can choose whatever you’d like to be, and remain happy that way. (As long as, of course, you’re not infringing on other people’s rights while doing so). What I don’t get, however, is why anti-feminists lump all feminists as “man-hating” or feel that they should just “get over it” and be happy with the rights they have managed to achieve.

Thing is, yes, we can vote and have jobs and marry who we like. But we also get interrogated just as harshly as (if not more so than) the perpetrator if we get raped. We are still paid less than our male counterparts for the same job. Some men still feel odd taking orders from a female superior. (Not as much as before, but it’s still there). An assertive lady is a “bitch”. An assertive man is a “boss” and knows what he’s doing.

I’m not saying the entire feminist group is united and has it all right—of course they don’t. There are some feminists I can’t stand, while there are others whom I truly admire. Just because a group has dissidents/radicals doesn’t make it wrong. (Look at, for example, religion in general. It’s not fair to judge every follower on the actions of the extremists). I don’t think modern-day feminists are trying to eradicate men, nor are they attempting to paint themselves as victims in order to get special treatment.

I think, to put it almost too simply, they’re just trying to bridge the gap that has been centuries in the making. Sure, we’ve come a long way, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have a ways to go. Progress never stops.


5 thoughts on “Anti-Feminism Kind of Confuses Me

  1. Why Anti-Feminism? Simply put feminism a moved equality as far as it can. It moved equality as far as it could in 2000, since then it’s been pushing farther away from equality.

    Feminism is the advocacy for women’s rights.

    Women outnumber men 2 to 1 in higher education. How can advocating for more rights for women correct this inequality? How does conflating “Women’s Rights” and “Gender Equality” hurt this issue?

    Men outnumber women in prison 12 to 1. How can advocating for more rights for women correct this inequality? How does conflating “Women’s Rights” and “Gender Equality” hurt this issue?

    Feminism because it’s about women’s rights, not gender equality, but conflates women’s rights with gender equality is a major road block for looking at what are the biggest gender inequalities of 2014.

    • Is it because women have more rights that the number of men in higher education has gone down? Or is it other factors? Is it because women have “achieved equality” that there are more men than women in prisons? I’m not quite sure I understand the links you’re trying to make. These are, of course, issues that need attention, but to drag feminism/women’s rights into it seems slightly random.

      It’s a bit like saying we should not attempt to fight starvation because there are so many drug addicts and we need to focus on them. Why drop or disparage one in favor of the other?

        • I don’t believe that, as it seems too simplistic, and I don’t think my post came off with that conclusion. If some people believe it then you can argue your opposing view with them, I guess.

          • The masses of a movment define what it is, not the outliers.

            People are simple.

            What I said is very simplistic, so most people, most feminist can really grasp it.

            Regardless of how many times you’ve been asked “What does Feminism Mean to you?” you don’t really get to make up your own definitions of words.

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