A Talk that Hits Close to Home

I would recommend everyone listen to this, but especially if you live in a multi-lingual culture. It hits a lot of crucial points and is very articulately laid out. I feel very strongly about the preservation of languages, and I feel badly that I am not more fluent in what is supposed to be my mother tongue. Suzanne Talhouk definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. 

(It remains a fact that my brain is wired in English through and through. But because I was raised by parents who spoke Arabic almost exclusively, there are several concepts/things that I can sometimes only exclusively refer to in that language. Makes for an interesting mix of languages every now and then).


2 thoughts on “A Talk that Hits Close to Home

  1. This is brilliant. I’m sending the link to my family because I know they will really appreciate this post and the video (especially my mom who is a French teacher and is fascinated by language!). Thanks for sharing this!

    • Glad you liked it!! I love that your family, and especially your mom, is into languages. I am too—but I’m no polyglot that’s for sure. This video was a serious eye-opener, and it definitely makes you think. Thanks for giving your thoughts! Keep them coming :-)

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