California! Land of beauty and bursting at the seams with everything and anything you could want to do.

It’s where I’m at now. It’s why I haven’t been updating much since I left Lebanon. I spent all of five days in Qatar before I hopped a couple of planes with my sisters and came here. I’m currently chilling at my uncle’s house, which doubles as our home here.

It was a rough start to get used to things here at first, but I’m having a pretty good time. In twenty-seven days we’ve been up and down Orange County, Santa Monica, San Francisco, San Diego and LA. We went to Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios and have yet to go to Disneyland and Magic Mountain. Tomorrow the three of us are heading to Arizona to visit our cousins and their awesome brood of kids. Should be bloody awesomecakes!

I can’t say I’m not worried about the future, and I can’t say I know exactly what I’m going to do. It’s probably the biggest damper I have on this vacation because I hate being on shaky ground. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy myself. I don’t know when the next update will be, but I’ll try to be back before long!


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