Well…It’s Come to This At Last

(This is something I wrote last night, but didn’t get around to publishing it until now).

I look around my room and it’s still pretty much exactly the same as it’s always been. I haven’t touched it yet.

Anyone who knows what’s happening tomorrow would tell me to get off my lazy bum and start doing something. Except tomorrow’s events aren’t sinking in just yet.

I’m leaving Lebanon…and it’s for good this time. No more visiting Qatar for a few days or weeks and then coming back. My base will be elsewhere. Could be Qatar, could be the US or Canada later…I have yet to decide. But Lebanon will no longer be where I live the majority of my life.

I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time–I mean a really long time. A glance over the last few posts would confirm that to a blind person who’s been dead for years.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had been working on getting my CELTA certificate from August 5th to September 5th. It was an insanely hectic ride, full of stress, laughs, tears, joy and–best of all–some serious inner growth. I didn’t understand just how much I needed that experience until I was in the thick of it.  Diving into that course provided me with fulfillment that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. I met some wonderful people who, through their warmth, kindness, humor and encouragement, re-ignited that spark inside of me that had been waning over the past several months. 

(Seeing seventeen people from every kind of background all come together and mesh the way we did was truly something. I’ll definitely be blogging a lot more about my experience in the next few posts).

For now I gotta swing into the next stage of my life. First step? Pack up this damn room.