Hey Guys…

All right, twenty-five days away from here was a tad too long of a hiatus, especially because I wasn’t planning on taking one in the first place.

If anything, I’ve been keeping really busy because I started my CELTA course on the fifth and it’s been non-stop classes, teaching, lesson plans, assignments, more lesson plans, feedback, do-this-don’t-do-that-improve-here-that’s great-this-isn’t ever since.


I honestly feel more fulfilled and excited taking this course than I ever did in my 2.5 years in AUB studying a major I honestly liked. Go figure.

Recently the situation in Lebanon has been…very crappy. Devastating car bombs detonated in Dahyeh and Tripoli within a week of one another, killing tens of people and injuring hundreds.  I would dwell on these disgusting events, but because my last few posts are all depressing, I’m not going to talk about them now. Besides, Gino and Elie both wrote up excellent posts about what’s been happening that there’s no need for redundancy from my end.

On the bright side, I’ve at least been keeping myself occupied, and happily so, for the past few weeks. For now, I just wanted whoever’s reading this to know I’m still alive and kickin’. I’m gonna inject some life back into this blog when something worth noting comes along. as long as it comes paired with the time to note it.