Government? What Government?

Imagine this little scenario:

The elected leader of a country (i.e: Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, David Cameron—take your pick) steps down from office with little to no advance notice. Just decides he can’t do it anymore, and so please hear my sincere apologies and lovely good-bye to you all.

You’d probably say that it would be quite a shock, sure. On the bright side, however, the system is set up so that there will always be someone to take the president or prime minister’s place, at least temporarily, until a new government is properly formed.

To you I say: Indeed—that’s how it’s supposed to work. That’s why, most of the time, saying “I give up” and walking away from your position as the freakin’ leader of your country would be pretty damn difficult to do.

And for good reason.

Want to know what goes on in my little corner of the world? We can go without a president (or any form of a fully functional government) for months. In fact, our PM stepped down over a week ago and, so far, we don’t have anyone to take his place. This is mostly because our leaders’ talents are limited to arguing, finger-pointing and flip-flopping on anything and everything.

It’s freaking ridiculous and it only goes to show how useful the government here really is. When our heads of state disappear, it just makes people iffy and/or angry, but day-to-day life resumes as usual.

Meh. At least it gives people another thing to argue about over their daily hookah.


2 thoughts on “Government? What Government?

  1. Here, here.
    T’was exactly what I was conversing about with some comrades the day before. ‘Tis a pity that such promising lands go to waste at the hands of the uncaring egotistical undereducated dodos.

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