I Should Be Burying Myself in Biology…

…but I’m gonna be here for a second. I decided I didn’t want to leave my last post to be the remaining reflection on my feelings until the next “real” update. It was kinda depressing.

Not that the feelings aren’t still there in their own sticky ways, ’cause they haven’t left me alone. But! I am feeling better. I’m having happy and active days, while others can range from downers to simply average or mundane. Depends on the emotional forecast at hand.

Nothing more or less than what the whole world goes through on a regular basis eh?

This week will be as busy as it gets because I have two midterms and a presentation all falling on the 28th. Which doesn’t make for the best of moods, even if you’re Tom Hiddleston at heart. (Seriously that guy is in a constant state of bliss and charm. I want whatever he eats in the morning).

Anyways, this is just to say everything’s cool and I’m fine and still truckin’ along. I’m sure I’ll perk up a little more after Thursday because the bulk of the annoying stuff will be over and I’ll have a four-day weekend to boot! (Easter break, for the win!)

Hope all of you guys are doing awesomely :-)


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