Rant of the Day: Freakin’. Garbage.

Time for a colossal pet peeve:

Garbage trucks. Garbage collecting. Garbage in general.

Not only do their timings suck, but even their ads are pissing me off. What that woman have to do with garbage? Piss me off more, will ya?

Not only do their timings suck, but even their ads are pissing me off.

In what people like to call “civilized nations”, garbage trucks do their rounds really early in the morning. Why? So they don’t block up the roads when everyone else has places to go.

Here? They decide 10 a.m is an utterly peachy time to stop traffic at regular intervals, people be damned.

The cab I took today was stuck behind one that stopped twice in less than five minutes to empty two Dumpsters per stop. (It was on a narrow road that lead directly to my university and two other schools. Hardly an unused path to take). My class was at 11:00 and we were inching behind this truck at 10:52.

Thank God I left the house thirty minutes early because damn was that truck taking its sweet time.

Oh, and it doesn’t help that I’m constantly met with gorgeousness in the form of a garbage volcano on the sidewalk near my house at 6:00 p.m. Walking in the street among the semi-insane drivers is a no-brainer preference over navigating through that crap.

Lovely, n'est-ce pas?Source

Nothing like a fresh burst of disgust on your way home.

To make matters worse, people regularly throw trash out their car windows because the asphalt apparently absorbs it immediately and perfumes the road with a rosy scent. Because of course it does.

Then there are the dog owners.

Or rather, the dog owners who often don’t even deign to walk their own dogs–they let their housekeeper do it instead. Because the point of owning a dog is just to have it around the house, right? Who cares about actually doing everything else that comes with having one?

So when Sir Barks-A-Lot dumps a load on the sidewalk? No problem, just leave it there to fester. The place could use some texture anyways.


Now you know why I’m constantly ranting about how Lebanon has no rules, no rights, no freaking anything. Because when there isn’t even a system to control the very basics in keeping the city clean, then how can we run anything else? And people wonder why I think they’re insane when they talk of Lebanon being the best country in the world. Yeah. Right.

PS: I wrote this post earlier in the day but wasn’t done with it. I guess that was fate because on my way home in a cab another truck was emptying Dumpsters. At SEVEN P.M. Blocked up the traffic on another main road. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Rant of the Day: Freakin’. Garbage.

  1. You and your words never cease to amuse me. :)
    And no, I’m not enjoying your suffering….well, maybe just a bit. :P

    But I agree on the people littering without a thought. What is it that makes people do that? If I don’t find a trash can right away, I keep holding it or put it in my bag until one is available. I never ever considered using even an unseen nook or hidden bush to stash my trash. Isn’t it common decency to not make a mess of a shared place? You want to toss used tissue and fast food bags around your house, feel free to do so. But on the street? From your car window? I guess convenience beats cleanliness, or even just basic manners.

    Just this morning I saw a dude walking down the street drinking from a paper cup. He’s done. What does he do? Without even glancing around to see if a trash can is nearby, because he’s too cool or busy for that, his hand just releases the cup as he’s walking. It’s not like he even tossed it somewhere out of the way, no, he just let go. Like a kid done playing with their toy.

    It truly disgusts me. For shame. Not to mention the garbage strewn in bushes or stuffed in planters or random places that they think could benefit from a grimy candy wrapper….WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

    • Hahaha, glad I could be a source of amusement even through my suffering :-P

      Also: I DON’T KNOW!! It’s honestly like they feel the garbage would just disappear as soon as it leaves their person. Literally out of sight, out of mind. It’s stupid and rude as hell. Suijin sometimes laaaays on her horn if the car in front of her threw something out of the window. It’s punishment for the transgressions, hehe. But yeah, God knows what those people are actually thinking.

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