Dear Lama: May Your Sperm-Donor Know Exactly How You Felt

I don’t understand.

I truly don’t understand.

I’m no stranger to Saudi Arabia’s rules and policies. It’s a first-degree misogynistic country that hides under the guise of being God-fearing and Islamic. (In the market for some BS? They’ve got it in spades). They twist the religion in every tortured way to make it a horrific, deformed, and malicious ideology that people can cling to under the guise of piety. 

ScumLet’s take Fayhan Al-Ghamdi: A Saudi “Muslim” preacher who has no shortage of airtime on TV. Oh he is a man of God, to be sure. According to a friend of mine, he thinks magicians are evil. So you already know he’s legit.

He also knew how to viciously beat, rape, and murder five-year-old Lama Al-Ghamdi. His own daughter.

Lama’s injuries were horrific: A crushed skull, a broken arm, a snapped back and fractured ribs. All this was topped with a generous helping of bruises and burns. He raped her so viciously that he tore her rectum and attempted to fix it by burning it shut.

I feel the need to reiterate that this isn’t some sadistic serial pedophile on the hunt for the children of strangers. This is his own flesh and blood, and he did all of this with no remorse.

His daughter died in the hospital from her injuries in October 2012 and he was arrested a month later. In Saudi Arabia, murderers are given the death penalty by means of a date with the chopping block.

So, is he dead? Nope. About to die? Well…not anytime soon.

Instead, he spent a whopping few months in jail and paid $50,000 in what is called “blood money” to compensate the girls’ relatives. (Because he is not a relative himself, apparently). The cherry on top of this crap-sundae? The fine’s half of what he would have had to cough up if Lama had been a boy. If I were to count how many things are wrong with this picture I wouldn’t get to three before giving myself a rage-aneurysm.

Saudi Arabia: Is this the example you want to give, you misshapen and loud “representative” of the Muslim world? That you will gladly cut off the hand of a thief but child rape and murder is a-okay?

Is this what Islam is? Is this what God wants? Do you not see how insane you people sound? In your own book, which you claim to know, it states that to leave a single mark on your child requires you to pay a sum to charity and sincerely seek forgiveness from God. Your actions speak for themselves.

I am Muslim, from a Muslim family and surrounded by Muslims in everyday life. You do not represent me or anyone I know. I hope that, when (and if) this story gets on the news in western media, that they don’t, once again, paint us all with the same brush. Even many in Saudi find this act absolutely reprehensible.

Whether the state chooses to truly punish this poor excuse for a human being, however, remains to be seen.

I hope they do what’s right. If not, I can only hope Fayhan and all those who set him free get the absolute worst that karma can offer.

RIP Lama Al-Ghamdi

RIP Lama Al-Ghamdi



This has also been mentioned on Hummus for Thought.


4 thoughts on “Dear Lama: May Your Sperm-Donor Know Exactly How You Felt

  1. I cannot. I just read the article now and was horrified beyond belief. Not only did he rape his own daughter, brutally tortured her til she died and got away with it with HALF the price he had to pay, the thing that striked me the most in the article on RT was this:

    “Ghamdi reportedly doubted that his daughter, Lama Ghamdi, was a virgin, and forced her to undergo a medical inspection.”

    What the f**k. She’s 5 years old for God’s sake. Unless behind closed doors, some really messed up things occur daily in their social lives, she seemed like a perfectly innocent little kid. It’s really messed up how people use the name and rules of religion to twist things and use it to satisfy their twisted and sick desires. I feel that nowadays, conservatism and religion is just a facade to hide a sick side of a human being. It really saddens me that this occurred, especially since it carried a lot of association with Islam. I’m pretty sure the religion has a harsher policy and punishments on rape and murder, particularly to your own flesh-and-blood, than what the country has let on. I don’t know, this just shows how corrupt the world is now.

    (On another, less rant-ey note: I like this blog btw, interesting topics you’ve pondered upon so far!)

    • Believe me, I know exactly what you’re saying. So much of this is horrifying on unspeakable levels…and yet the state is so blasé about it. Oh, a little prison time and the fine is punishment enough! In their country, the Saudi man owns his wife and kids so he can do with them as he pleases. This is only one example, though extreme, of what ownership can let men like him get away with–so that he can even suspect a kindergartner of not being a virgin. What. The. Hell. I should research updates about this case, though I’d be surprised if anything will ever be done about it. Bloody goddamn frustrating.

      Also: It’s awesome to have you pop by on here, and glad you liked what you saw :-D I realized I never commented on your Gordon Ramsay piece, but I enjoyed it! Looking forward to your next post :-)

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