Life Update:

First of all: Happy Belated New Year’s Peeps!

Sorry it’s been nearly a month, but I’ve been pretty damn swamped. I’m working on the final copy of my memoir project for my Creative Non-Fiction class, and it’s the last thing I have to finish before finals. Once I’m done, I’m thinking of  going through all the episodes that I published here and re-editing them as well. It’ll make it more “polished” so to speak.

A few days ago, I stayed up until nearly 4:00 a.m working on a blog post that I really wanted to share. However, just as I was going to wrap it up, I suddenly decided I didn’t want to publish it right away. It covered a sad and humbling event, and I felt a little too raw and emotional at the time. (I’ve learned through experience to not publish posts when I feel that way). So I’ve left it alone until I can look at it with a fresher mind and I’m glad I did. Turns out that new details came to light in the days afterwards that changed a few things in what I wrote and thought.

I’m being rather cryptic, I know, but just know there is a blog post coming soon. First, I have to finish all this crap in the last couple of weeks of uni I have left. Yo ho ho, a student’s life for me!


Be Heard!

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